Working with us is a good move. Global business needs global-savvy lawyers.

Our clients get value without waste. We work with your in-house and local counsel to produce meaningful firepower sized to the case.
We are award-winning legal writers and we apply strategic insight early in the case to set you up for success. Each of the last 5 major arbitrations we handled as lead settled before the final award on the most favorable terms to our clients.
We have received full training in the two principal legal systems of the world. This permits us to weed through the most convoluted regulatory regimes and handle complex multi-jurisdictional issues with particular depth and nuance, maximizing your position in an uncommonly focused and convincing way.
The International Arbitration Chambers New York takes on disputes of any size and complexity. If we can fly there, we can probably cover it.
Unlike most large firms, we are also open to alternative fee arrangements. These include fixed fees and/or partial risk-sharing arrangements.

When you work with the International Arbitration Chambers New York you’ll see things done differently. You’ll see new ways of practicing international arbitration and litigation — new ways of using the broad powers of New York and London courts, doing research, managing projects, controlling costs, arranging fees. You’ll find new kinds of communication that make far better use of your time. And you’ll get first-rate lawyering, delivered with uncommon efficiency.

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