The system established by the New York Convention involves supervision of the arbitration process from the enforcement of the arbitration agreement to the enforcement of the arbitration award. With very few exceptions the state and federal courts of New York and the commercial courts in London offer some of the most sophisticated and jurisprudentially developed supervision in the world at each stage. Knowing how to use these powers to support your arbitration or defend against tactical litigation in the U.S. and U.K., and abroad can be crucial. Some of the most important options include:

  • Motions to compel arbitration
  • Motions to stay litigation/arbitration pending parallel proceedings
  • Motions for pre-arbitration attachments and conservatory measures
  • Motions for injunctive relief (anti-suit and anti-arbitration injunctions preventing tactical litigation/arbitration abroad)
  • Motions for § 1782 discovery in aid of arbitration
  • Motions to set aside (vacate) awards
  • Motions to recognize and enforce international arbitration awards (rendered in the U.S. or abroad)
Please see a list of representative engagements below.
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